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To bring like minded individuals who are on their spiritual journey together to share information, experiences and knowledge. Because knowledge is power. Love and Light to all.
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 Hello :) I am Firefly

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Hello :) I am Firefly Empty
PostSubject: Hello :) I am Firefly   Hello :) I am Firefly Icon_minitimeFri Jan 22, 2010 2:16 am

A lot of people know me as Firefly, anyone close to me will know me as Ally. I am a cancer, a water element and my life path number is 7. I am very interested in Astrology and Numerology. In my experience, both are incredibly accurate. And both have helped me learn quite a bit about myself as well as become clear about the reason certain events have occurred in my life. Any valid information you could give me on both of these subjects pertaining to me would be greatly appreciated. I'm very interested in helping the community but most of all I just want to know I helped someone, anyone, even if its just one person. I firmly believe in karma but I refer to it as karmic synergy. I go to college and I write for a hobby. One day I will produce a fictional novel about nonfictional emotions that will make someone cry, touch their heart and make them understand a little part of themselves that they never quite understood before. I am going to school right now to be a high school english teacher. I am also taking business as a minor concentration so one day I can own my own publishing company. I have many aspirations and I am very motivated to do them. I won't let anything get in my way. And I accept any help my good friends will give me, although just the fact that I have them by my side helps a great deal.

I am currently dating my polar opposite. And I'm observing every instant with his astrology sign in mind. I'm very curious to see how this turns out.

I owe a lot of my curiosities to Ashley (Serendipity) and I thank her for it. Without her, I probably would not have pursued my interest in these subjects. I especially love this website, its already been more helpful to me than any website I've found on Google.

Well thats a little bit about me. Thanks for reading :]
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Hello :) I am Firefly
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