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To bring like minded individuals who are on their spiritual journey together to share information, experiences and knowledge. Because knowledge is power. Love and Light to all.
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 Whats a "Great Question" You Can Ask Yourself?

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PostSubject: Whats a "Great Question" You Can Ask Yourself?   Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:01 am

A "great question" is one that can change the direction of your life. Something that opens up the door to possibilities. So think about this. Lets say your sitting at home, and a spaceship lands next to you on your coffee table. And inside is The Universal Book of Everything. You get to ask one question. WHat is that question that you ask?

Take a minute to think about it.
What would that question be - it can be anything!

Now lets say The Book is feeling a little underutilized these days and you get a bonus question.
Think about something that your curious about. It can be whether Elvis is still alive or simply
where you put your car keys.

And by now The Book is feeling a little depleted, and it got to be The Universal Book of Everything
by asking questions of everyone and getting real answers. So the question for you(the answer
to which will be added to The Book) is:

What is the One Thing you know for sure?

Alright lets make this something we can all get involved in. Take a few minutes to think about
what you will put as your answer, but if a spaceship landed next to you and you could ask
The Universal Book of Everything a question what would your answer be?

Then for your second answer, whats one thing your curious about?
Then for your third answer, whats the One Thing you know for sure?

Number your answers, and post them as a reply :]
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Whats a "Great Question" You Can Ask Yourself?
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