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 A life changing dream, wish I could share it...

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PostSubject: A life changing dream, wish I could share it...   Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:01 am

I had a powerful dream one night not so long ago. Sitting in a very dark room I could feel that the world was ending around me. My thoughts were to try and save artifacts, books and nick-knacks from the old world to try and bring them into the new world. It made me afraid to think that everything would be lost, so I hid what I could in some sort of box.

After the evil time had passed, I was still sitting in the exact same spot, but everything around had changed. It was no longer dark, it was no longer dangerous. There was light outside of the place I was in and sitting close by was a man. When I looked at him I saw traces of men whom I respect in my life. It was like looking at the best qualities of these men. I vaguely remember trying to determine who it was, but this person kept shifting from one to another and at the same time was all of them.

It was what he said to me that quite literally changed my life - it is unusual for a dream to do so, but this one did. It might have been divine intervention or something very deep inside of myself coming out, but that doesn't matter as much as the message. This man simply asked "Why do you want to bring old things into this new world?"

I realized then that what I was doing was only causing suffering - why would I want to bring suffering from an old dark world into the new? And in the dream I immediately let it all go, stood up from this sitting position and walked toward the window and saw a very beautiful world outside. I wish I could give you the feelings that this dream brought on, show you what I saw.
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PostSubject: :]   Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:36 am

I absolutely love this dream, even though there was chaos in the beginning in ended peacefully :]
If only for a moment I wish we were able to see into eachothers minds, so that we could begin
to see, even if it was just a fragment, of whatever dream or thought a person may have had.

"Why would you want to bring old things into a new world."

Well I suppose that life is about letting go, and if we were
to transcend into a new world we wouldnt have to worry
about the things in the past. Including the information...
because I believe that information could be infinite in the
future :]
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A life changing dream, wish I could share it...
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