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 The Past, the Present and the Future.

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The Past, the Present and the Future. Empty
PostSubject: The Past, the Present and the Future.   The Past, the Present and the Future. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 2:41 am

I was watching What The Bleep Do We Know the other night and in the beginning of the movie, the narrator says. "Are all realities simutaneously existing at once" And its got me thinking.

So could it be possbile that the past, present and future are all existing at once?

The Past.
We have 2 maybe 3 spirits that inhabit a spare bedroom upstairs. They never leave the room, and they dont seem to happy. We were the first owners of this house.
The Present.
And now we are here, - my parents have been here 31 years. We co-exist with one another, even though we dont interact with the entities, were still here together.
The Future.
I just dont see where the future comes in since it hasnt happened.

Lets say a spirit doesnt know that they have passed and that they are stuck here unaware of the people who surround them (the ones that are alive)
Isnt that an example of the past and the present existing at once?

But I dont understand how it could all exist at once. Because we can not go back to the past because it has already happened has it not? And I dont think the future can be happening because future events are all determined by what we are doing in the present.

But lets say for a minute that we could "time travel". How would we be able to go back to something that has already happened and travel to something that has not happened?

To me the only "time travel" that we are capable of are lucid dreams that are either memories or glimpses into what could become the possible future.

I dont know. What do you think?
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The Past, the Present and the Future.
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