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 Kill 'Em All

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PostSubject: Kill 'Em All   Kill 'Em All Icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 11:49 pm

I remember several months ago my Government class talked of the Death Penalty and who deserved it. So back to an old post! My peers, these children, were possessed of such fury and fervor, it was astounding! They argued that we should execute murderers, and rapists, and what have you because it's "right" and "they deserve it." Their justification for the child-murderer (murderer who was, himself, a child) was "it's common sense. He should know better, and understand the implications."

These children are, as most children will be, flawed in their thinking. They themselves, just like the child-murderer, cannot see the ramifications of their actions. They cannot see past their immediate emotions and desire for blood anymore than the child-murderer can. They do not have the right or prerogative to deny anyone life, even those who deny life to others. They cannot understand that it is not right in any circumstance. And if we transgress this idea, yielding to what we believe is wrong, possibly the highest wrongness in the land, then we cross a line into the darkness we oppose.

Americans seem to think prison is entirely vengeance and punishment based; it shouldn't be. The Justice system should be about correctional treatment. To fix those who are not in the right. And the system, as is, cannot achieve that, quite possibly due to this barbaric view of Justice. And despite my explaining that we, as a government, can not deny anyone the right to life, they insist we should anyway.

I used to be just as foolish and excitable and angry as those bloodthirsty children, but I see now that power must be used sparingly, if at all, and that Justice, in its pure, true form, is supposed to be serene and good, and be a force that guides us to the path of goodness and righteousness, a state of perpetual correctness and peace. It should not be made into a fearsome, wrathful weapon of anger, spite, and vengeance. That shall only lead us downward, in a spiraling darkness that ends in some violent despotic place where one must fear for his safety, lest the powers at be destroy him for his disobediance.

We lock up people for drug addiction; this is not right. Yes, they should be prosecuted, fined and then sent to a correctional facility: rehabilitation. Prison for such crimes do not fix anyone. Only violent crimes should require anyone to be locked away: for the sake of our own safety.

"But the druggies end up mugging and killing for drug money or drugs!" they say.

Then lock them up for their violent crimes, not their drug possession. Prison for drugs, or embezzlement, or tax evasion are all just a show of force, of wrath and vengeance: obey us, the government, the power, or terrible things will happen. Fear.

It isn't right, and so long as I draw breath I will oppose those who yell out and call for blood, and life, and time: vengeance in its myriad forms.

We need to be a people of goodness, civilization, and justice.

Let those old ways die.
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PostSubject: Is the Dealth Penalty the right thing to do?   Kill 'Em All Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 1:56 am

I used to be one of those students who believed it was right for those childrapists and murders to be sentanced to the "dealth penalty" because thats what they deserved for their crime. But where is the justificiation of killing another human being, because they killed? Regardless of the circumstance[whether its dealth penalty or a serial killer] it is still MURDER. Why should we be able to play god and take another human beings life?

If someone commits a crime then lock them away in a 4 by 4 cell and let them rot for the rest of their life.
What justice is served, if you take that person's life? They do not suffer for their actions.

The "death penalty" to me is a get out of jail free card.
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Kill 'Em All
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