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To bring like minded individuals who are on their spiritual journey together to share information, experiences and knowledge. Because knowledge is power. Love and Light to all.
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 My name is Ashley

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PostSubject: My name is Ashley   My name is Ashley Icon_minitimeThu Feb 18, 2010 9:39 am

[i]Hello, my name is Ashley. Some may know me as Lyrix, most may not know me at all. I have been out, for the most part, of the rave scene for damn near a year. I recently turned 20.

I have joined this site, because I love my sister, and because I have lost myself. At one point, Ashley was the only person I thought I had. She lead me, as I lead her. I would not be where I am today without her. I want to be inspired to learn again. I want to be inspired to change my life again. I work a lot, and I sleep a lot. That is about all I do. I have no need for parties and people, just information. I believe this site will inspire me to learn again. Information, opinions, and support is all together. I feel as though I now have a resource to learn, and to teach. I love to observe the interests of others. I believe that we are all bonded together by the same ideals, however the resources we use and things that we are interested in vary from person to person. I like to see the behaviour, the passion, and the ignorance.

Some of you may think I am mean, or I pick fights, but please be aware, I am just trying to get an equal side to the story out there. Please do not be offended.

I work at a chiropractor's office, in North Las Vegas. There, I have gained a priceless knowledge about my health, my nutrition, and my thinking. I have changed lives, and those lives have changed me. I have witnessed miracles. I have seen people in wheelchairs, with canes, with neurological problems, with no hope, walk again, LIVE again. I want to be inspired to be inspiring to these people.

At my job, I am the internal marketor. I build our practice from the inside out. I also volunteer my time to these people. Weekdays, we hold workshops in our office. In the near future, I will be holding fitness classes in our office, involving p90x, yoga, aerobics, and many others.

I hope that I can inspire others, and they can inspire me. I hope that people can close their eyes, their mouths, and their thoughts, and just listen to us as we listen to them.
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PostSubject: We'll stick together to the end.   My name is Ashley Icon_minitimeThu Feb 18, 2010 8:48 pm

I miss you sister, so very much. And I'm sorry that we were out of contact for the longest time. But I'm very happy that your getting your life together. You've taught me a lot, and showed me that it was okay to be myself. You stood by my side through some of the hardest times in my life and shared things with me that blew my mind.

We'll always lead eachother hand in hand.

I hope you enjoy this website :]

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My name is Ashley
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