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To bring like minded individuals who are on their spiritual journey together to share information, experiences and knowledge. Because knowledge is power. Love and Light to all.
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 Salvia Divinorium

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PostSubject: Salvia Divinorium   Salvia Divinorium Icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2010 4:03 pm

So I've been thinking about doing Salvia lately, but I really just dont know anything about it, if you have any information on it could you please share it with me. Experiences, knowledge etc. Thanks guys [:
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PostSubject: Re: Salvia Divinorium   Salvia Divinorium Icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 6:47 pm

For the time being, I'm just going to say to you what was said to me before my experience.

It was described to me as becoming a part of a network of intertwined life.

I don't want to fill your head with expectations and influence your outcome. Just become very familiar with the Golden Ratio. And know that you must trust to be trusted.

I typed out a whole bunch from my point of view and my research on the topic fueled by the want for an explaination of my experience. Whether I post it, I will debate. However, I'm sure that my views aren't on the top of the important list.

I have not yet braved another encounter.
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Salvia Divinorium
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