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 D.O.B also known as brolafetamine or Bromo-DMA

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D.O.B also known as brolafetamine or Bromo-DMA Empty
PostSubject: D.O.B also known as brolafetamine or Bromo-DMA   D.O.B also known as brolafetamine or Bromo-DMA Icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 4:26 pm

DOB, also known as Brolamfetamine and Bromo-DMA, is a psychedelic hallucinogenic drug and a substituted amphetamine of the phenethylamine class of compounds, which can be used as an entheogen. DOB was first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin in 1967. In his book PiHKAL (Phenethylamines i Have Known And Loved), Shulgin lists the dosage range as 1 to 3mg for the racemate. The enantiopure compound dosage is at least half of that. DOB is generally taken orally. According to Shulgin, the effects of DOB typically last 18 to 30 hours. Onset of the drug is also long, sometimes taking up to three hours. The substance has been described as a more lucid, more amphetamine-like version of LSD.

Sales of DOB on blotter paper, misrepresented as LSD, and in tablet form, misrepresented as MDMA or mescaline, have been frequently reported. Misrepresentation as LSD is extraordinarily dangerous, as DOB does not have the known safety profile of LSD: unlike LSD, DOB can have physically harmful (if not fatal) effects in overdose. The misrepresentation as LSD has been described by the periodical "High Times," helping some users to identify what they are actually taking. Since the mid 1980s, DOB has appeared on blotter paper and has been accidentally (or purposefully) sold as LSD. A common saying is,"If it's bitter, it's a spitter." Upon tasting the chemical, if one notices a highly bitter or "chemically" taste, this should serve as a warning sign that the drug is not LSD, but likely a psychedelic amphetamine (DOC, DOB or DOI) or some other chemical.

Many people are un-aware of the chemicals that they are putting in their body these days, and just because someone says its one thing, doesnt mean that their telling the truth. I'm not saying that your friends are selling you something different then what their saying on purpose, they might not even know themselves. You need to be cautious of the things that your taking, and take as many pre-cautions as you can. AND DO NOT OVER DO IT.

I've experienced DOB once in my life, and in a very high dose. Which was very ignorant on my part, but I've learned a lot but it was not easy. Earlier in the night, we each took about 3-5 hits. After a few hours we did not have any visuals, but an extreme body high. Un-happy with the results our friend brought over more. I'm not quite sure how much we ended up taking after our friend came back but it was squirted into our mouths so I'm assuming it was somewhere between 7-12 hits. Little was I aware that I was in for the ride of my life.
Our "fry" lasted forever. I felt stuck in my own skin, and couldnt sleep not sit still for long enough to try. Just like on mushrooms, we would get stuck on objects- and not by staring at something for long periods but stuck on words etc. For example: DRock called me a tardfish and I got stuck on that for a few hours. There was lots of hysterical laughter and it felt like our apartment had gone insane. There was one point when I walked out of my room I was convinced the apartment shrank, or I had gotten bigger, then when I came out later I had shrank or the apartment had gotten bigger. The living room felt like the Mad Hatters Tea Party, with their insane laughter. They all resembled bunnies. I felt like Alice In Wonderland.
When we were all finally able to sleep, and I woke up the next morning or night things were different. I felt extremely disconnected with myself, my friends and the world around me. I felt really sad and afraid because I couldn't speak correctly. I would mash words together- meaning I would say the words next to eachother as one or I would reverse the two words next to eachother. It embarassed me that I couldnt speak right, which pushed me even further away from everything. All I could really do is meow. I felt like I was in a dream, I was unsure of everything and nothing felt real. Then there was a point where all I could do was babble absolute nonsense that only made sense to me. Everyone knew something was wrong, but no one was sure what it was. Even with my friends around me I felt so alone. Then there was one day where I could see myself in everyone around me, and was 100 percent convinced I had gone back in time and that it was all a dream. That I only had a limited amount of time to tell my sister everything before it all ended. In addition to everything, I slept constantly anywhere from 17 to 20 hours a day. This was a terrible experience and I want people to be aware of how dangerous this chemical can be.
The discconection from reality eased up over the next few months, but even now almost a year later, I can still feel affects from the chemical. A few friends told me that just one hit of DOB lasts 24 hours, and can cause you to have a brain anyruseum.

Here are some links to inform you more about this chemical compound:
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D.O.B also known as brolafetamine or Bromo-DMA
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