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 Aquarius January 21st to February 19th

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PostSubject: Aquarius January 21st to February 19th   Aquarius January 21st to February 19th Icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 12:44 am

All of the information in this text has been taken from "Complete Book of the Zodiac" by Johnathan Cainer

If you need advice, ask an Aquarian. No matter what the subject, you can be sure your Aquarian friend will venture a definitive answer. Nine times out of ten, that answer will be informed and accurate; it's the tenth time you must watch out for! The, though the comments may be delivered with equal confidence, they'll be perilously wrong. How can you tell? You cant. Aquarians do not consder themselves capable of error, so they give no clues. Only if you try to follow the advice will you find it fallible. If you then bo back and confront your Aqaurian with the eveidence, you may get a humble apology, but you will more than likely get a pompous excuse. So, if you are to get along with them well, you need to have a good sense of humor and a slightly sceptical nature. Aquarians are what they are. They can not be changed, so you must learn to love them for it. It's worth doing, because Aquarian assets far outnumber Aquarian defects.
Aloof, know-it-all and self-important they may be, but they are also generous, considerate, and extraordinary. They're nothing dull or predictable about an Aquarian. They're farsighted idealists, humanitarian phiolosophers, and open-minded thinkers. Once you've gotten used to their odd ways, you'll find their friendship irresistible and their company addictive.
If you want to give an Aquarian a special treat, remember that they're attracted to unusual ideas, accentric people and innocative objects. Show them you recognize their special powers of discrimination. They'll love you for it.


Aquarians are quirky, quarrelsome and querulous. You hate lines, detest crowds, and love to assert your individuality. You wouldn't want to live anywhere you would consider run-of-the-mill, unless of course, it was an old abandoned watermill! That, or a converted rail-way carriage, would suit you just fine. Even if circumstances (financial or otherwise) don't allow this, your home still tends to be a museum of self-expression. It's certainly a tribute to the art of experimentation, for there is something that almost works (but doesn't quite) in every room!
Your ideal house number is probably 911(for the state of emergency you often live in)


Although you may be outrageous in many ways, you're suprisingly conventional when it comes to clothes. I would even go as far to say "restrained", but then, finacially at least that's not quite true. You have expensive taste and a keen eye for quality. You would far rather own a few excellently made suits, than an entire wardrobe of discount clothes. On special days and holidays, you'll parade with panache in fashionable, even futuristic outfits, but for everyday wear, you prefer to find one basic formula and stick to it. For many Aquarians, this will involve knitwear. You're fond of natural materials like cotton and leather, but you have a special preference for wool.


The following dialogue sums up the Aqauarian approach to driving.
Judge: You are accused of going the wrong way on a one-way street. What do you say?
Aquarian: I was only going one way.
Judge: But didnt you see the arrows?
Aquarian: Arrows? I didn't even see the Indians!
Your copy of the driving code contains little footnotes which the printers carelessly omitted to a place in the other copies. For example, " Never drive through a red light" (unless you feel like it). Only one thing is more idisyncratic than your driving: your choice of car. It must be a make that nobody else has hear of and a model that no repair shop can get parts for because (a) your fussy and (b) more than anything, you love to be exclusive!


If you are truly a typical Aquarian, you adore eating out. Indian one night, Chinese the next, Italian the night after, and French the night after that. The more obscure and eclectic the cuisine the better, because, arguably, you enjoy the discovery of new tastes and textures more than the actual process of eating. Unlike some people, you rarely eat for succor and emotional comfort. Indeed, because you're terribly fussy, you'd almost rather go hungry than settle down to eat a boring meal.


"Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannont make a complete use of the other five."

The writer Somerset Maugham, who made the memorable remark above, was an Aquarian and to me his statement reveals a lot about a very specific Aquarian tendancy. Few and far between are the people born under you sign who pursure money for its own sake. As an Aquarian, you mat be shrewd, you may be successful, and you may even have expensive tastes, but you are not, unless I am very much mistaken, avaricious. To you, money is indeed a sixth sense. Just as you do not actively seek to develop your intuition, you simply expect it to be there when you need to call on it, so you tend to take finacial gain for granted. It comes naturally when you're doing the right thing, just as an inspired idea or a smart hunch might do. Your instincts, of course, are pretty good, and so are your potential money-making abilities. Both, however, work best when you are not really trying, in other words when they appear as a side effect of trying to accomplish another goal altogether.
You must be aware, however, of a tendancy to let your generosity and compassion can get the best of you. These laudable qualities can sometimes place an enormous burden on your resources. Should this prove to be an ongoing problem, change the nature of your charitable activities. See them not as a sideline but as an integral to your overall game plan. Explore the posibility of doing professionally an aspect of what you are already doing voluntarily. You'll find an opportunity opens up almost as soon as you're in a frame of mind to see it. You'll also find the general economic trend becomes extremely positive.


Although Aquarians tend to be supremely confident about what they know, what they believe, and what they want to accomplish, many people born under your sign find this natual sense of certainty tends to desert them when asked to quantify what they actually feel. Because they don't leave having to confess to doubt any level, under any circumstance, they will go to great lengths to disguise their confusion. They will make unconvincingly emphatic statements, or else they will appear as noncommittal as possible, hoping that they can fob off requests for emotional reassureance with the excuse that they never talk about things like that.
You may notice that so far I have deliberately been depersonalizing my suggestions about how to make your lvoe last forever. I have given you the option of assuming that I am deescribing other people born under your sign, but not you. Ultimately , it's a question of "if the shoe fits." But shile you decide whether it does, may I make another potentioanlly confrontational comment in the softest possible terms? The great psychologist Carl Jung was a firm believer in the idea that, when one person finds another irritating or difficult to be with, it's because the second person's faults remind them the first person of the things they most dislike about themselves. And now, we really must depart from the realm of theoretical and impersonal. What I am trying to tell you, gently and discreetly because I know that as an Aquarian you despise and detest the very notion of being offered advice, is this: If you want to get along better with the person you are now with, or ever find yourself in the future with, you must look at what it is about them that you can not tolerate. And you must ask yourself, not how they might possibly change in time, but how you might. And that's how you'll be able to make your love last forever.

A Sideways Look at Your Sign

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and lies opposite Leo in the celestial circle. Many people falsely believe that Aquarius is a water sign; this is laregely because the symbol of Aquarius is a water bearer, an elegant male or female figure who carries an earthenware vessel. The confusion is compounded by the fact that sometimes artists illustrate Aquarius with a simple picture of water being poured from a jug. That's a shame because ventral to the symbol of the sign is the figure of a human who has traveled to the fountain of eternal wisdwom and is now carrying a precious burden of knowledge and understanding. It is the person, not the hub, which is the focal point of the sign. The content of the jug may be liquid, but because it represents a lofty concept, it more properly belongs to the element "air". This is the same reason that Libra and Gemini are also "air" signs. People born under all these analytical, intellectual air signs tend to "think: their way through life, and they often place more importance on big ideas than on feelings and actions. Aquarius is also a "fixed" sign. There are four "fixed" signs in the zodiac. The other three are Leo, Scorpio and Taurus. Althought these signs are very different, people born under them tend to be set in their ways. The "fixed air" sign,
Aquarius, tends to produce poeople who use their intelligence at all times but who find it hard to change their minds about anything. Aquarians hope for a chance to make themselves useful, especially to others, a world in which everyone is happy and healthy, a glamorous and exciting social life, and a place in history as the person who made a brillian, unique, and unforgettable contriubition to their environment. Aquarians fear public embarassment, private conflict, emotional blackmail, boredom , repetition, the commonplace, social ostracism, family gathering, compromises, and fincial failure. Aquarians like to be one step ahead, to be different, to argue over fine points, to show people how to do things, to be giben an intellectual challenge, and to be generous.
Aquarians are simple souls at heart, though most of them will never admit it. They like to give you the imperssion that they are complex, mysterious and confident. That's partly why they are misunderstood and they do not mreally mind because it means that the noly people who get close to them are those perceptive enough to penetrate the surface.
If you want to learn how to spot an Aquarian on first meeting, look for someone who lets slip a strong, probably controversial opnion shortly after the conversation begins. it won't be delieverd ion a challenging way, just in a sort of offhand but very knowledgable manner. If you want to disarm Aquarians, asl them to explain something to you and look interested while they go through all the endless details. If you want to annoy an Aquarian, ask how they feel. And if you want to annoy an Aquarian, ask how they feel. And if you want to know what all Aquarians have in common, the answer is nothing except a keen desire to be individuals, which is why many Aquarians dislike astrology. They hate being lumped together with other Aquarians.
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Aquarius January 21st to February 19th
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