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 Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th

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PostSubject: Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th   Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th Icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 3:36 am

All information in this text has been taken from "Complete Book of the Zodiac" by Jonathan Cainer

If you need something done, contact a Capricorn. These down-to-earth people tackle every task one step at a time and rarely let anything or any one intimidate them. Even when they're under extreme pressure, you'll rarely see a Capricorn crumble. Beneath the Capricorn crust, however, is a very soft center. Capricorns seethe with hidden hopes and intense emotions. They usually repress these, using them as a driving force to propel them towards ambition. Even so, those emotions are still ptoentially dangerous. Imagine someone who keeps explosives in a safe deposit box buried in the basement of a bank. Sooner or later, something will detonate the explosives. Capricorns know this, but they still hate to admit their feelings.
You must understand this if you are to be a true friend of a Capricorn. It's easy to get along with them at a superficial level because they're so full of useful information and practical ideas. They've always got something interesting to say, and they're good listeners, too. But at a deeper level, there's another story to be told. Gain a Capricorns's confidence, and they'll gradually share their secret, colatile fears. The very act of admission defuses them. So while your Capricorn might appreciate a handy gadget as a birthday present, what you should really give is a chance to bare his or her soul.


Some people's homes look like palaces, but are full of items you dare not touch or sofas which look lovely but turn out to be as hard as nails. You'd rather have a double glazing than stained glass, you'd rather have one sturdy grandfather clock than a shelf full of fancy china ornaments, and you'd rather hang your clothes on the back of a chair than spend a fortune on bedroom furniture that nobody's ever going to see. Your house is usually the last in the street to have the latest decor, but it's always the first place people want to head for when they want to relax.
Your ideal house number is 40, to remind you of when life begins for a Capricorn.


In the mythology of the zodiac, Capricorn rules the past. Though you're quite capable of carrying off an up-to-the-minute outfit, you feel far more comfortable in something classic, timeless and universally smart. If it happens to be something your mother might once have worn, so much for the better. Indeed, better still it would have quited your grandmother or even grandfather! I'm not suggesting you ought to wander round town in a bustle or a crinoline, but you might look splendid in culuttoes, hacking jackets, plus-fours, and similar garb from the early twentieth century onwards.


You won't thank me for saying this, nor, come to think of it, will your bank account. Nonetheless, your ideal car is probably a BMW, a Mercedes, a Rolls or a Jaguar. As a Capricorn, you place a lot of importance on precision, efficiency, and reliability. You're also, fankly, not immune to a little bit of status seeking. If you're not already the proud owner of one of the above, its probably because you feel you can not afford to be. Next time you change cars, however, you might consider a "previously owned" upscale vechile in preference to a younger model of less repute. Such vechiles, like Capricorns themselves, tend to mature beautifully, if well maintained. They also drive, just as you do, comfortably, satisfingly, and safely.


Some might call you unadventrous when it comes to your eating habits. You prefer to see yourself as unpretentious. Wholesome, simple "foods of the earth" are the typically preferred fare of a Capricorn. LEt the food fadists keep their complicated cuisines; you'll settle for plain, basic, good old meat and potatoes, bacon and eggs, hot dogs and baked beans. Your attitude towards food, as towards, so much in life, boils down to: if you've got a successful formula, why change it?


"It is in exchanging the gifts of the Earth that you shall find abundance and be satisfied. Yet, unless the exchange bein love and kindly justice it will lead but some to greed and others to hunger."

If you have just skimmed over the quote above in a hurrt to get to the "meat", please read it again. It is the meat. The words were written by a Capricorn, the poet Kahlil Gibran. They come from his beautiful book The Prophet and sum up all there is to say about your relationship with money. Forget all thoughts of get-rich-quick schemes or opportunities to make a fast buck in an ethically debatable venture. All you ever need in order to keep the wolf from the door is to start doing more of what you're bgest at, what you know makes sense, and what you know is fundamentally fair and wholesome.
As a Capricorn you are capable of earning a living in many ways. You are efficient, incisive, organized and diligent. You are also capable of manifesting great authority. Other people sit up and take notice when you make an empathatic statement. REally, though, you need apply none of the above qualities to your finicial enterprises. If you do, you will almost certainly end up in a situation where you may have wealth but you have little satisfaction to show for it. The great secret of success, in the true sense of that word, for ever Capricorn is to apply dedication to a project or plan that truly means the world to you. When you're engaged in such a honorable understaking, money finds its way to you like a salmon finds its way home through the ocean.


For you as a Capricorn, the question is not so much how can you make your love last forever as how can you make your feelings for another person come to life in the first place. Unless you're highly atypical of your sign or are in the company of someone who has tremendously natural, almost chemical, rapport with you, you tend to hold back a great deal of your heart and even your head. You can play the game of love as well as , if not better than, anyone. You can say all the right words, make all the right gestures, do all the right things. But can you really feel sure that you are doing more than going through the motions? More importantly, can your partner?
You can be certain that if your partner is truly the right person for you, they will have noticed, much earlier in the relationship than you might have imagined, what a difficult nut you are to crack. They may have discreetly avoided mentioning it. Or they may, perhaps, have commented, realized there was little they could do about it, and decided to make the most of whatever they could get. But they will have sensed your reicence, and they will (naturally enough) have put up barriers of their own in order to protect themselves. These barriers are probably one of the only things that stand between you and your partner making it through from here to the day when time stands still. to dismantle them, you do not suddently have to turn into a fountain of sentimentality. But you do have to acknowledge their existence, communicate your concern about them, and consciously work on ways to ensure that your relationship is based on more than just a routine, a lifestyle habit, and a fear of change!

A Sideways Look At Your Sign
When Capricorns aren't busy calling a spade a spade, the chances are they're using that spade to dig deep and prepare strong foundations for whatever projects they happen to be involved with. They don't waste their time waiting for things to be perfect before rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. They cope with whatever happens to be in front of them, compensating for what's missing, adapting to what's needed, and inventing new ways to use what they've actually got.
Unlike some do-it-yourselfers in the zodiac, Capricorn do-it-yourselfers normally do quite well. If they;re putting up a shelf with the wrong size screw they'll pop in a couple extra ones at strategic points of weakness in the wall. If they're advestising an event with a limited budget, they'll pick their words carefully to ensure that those who see the publicity feel obliged to attend and bring their friends! Capricorns are masters or mistresses of the "authority game." Even when they're shaking with terror, anxiety, or despair on the inside, you wouldn't know it to look at them. They have magnificent composure and incredible self-restraint.
So far I've been describin an asset, a characteristic that explains why so many Capricorns rise to positions of great responsibility and power. People sense that they're trustworthy, so they delegate authority to them. This is fine, except that Capricorns are actually sensitive human beings who suffer from emotions like fear, jealousy, or insecurity just as much as much as the rest of us. So sometimes, just sometimes, the things they do or say are unwise, unfair, or unjust. This is an accusation that could be accurately leveled at anymore in any sign, but the trouble with Capricorns is that everything they say comes out sounding sensible and reasonable, even when it's complete and utter nonsense.
This wouldn't be quite so bad if it only meant that Capricorns occasionally abuse their position of respect by misleading other people. You could say it's not their fault, that it's up to others to see through the facade. However, Capricorns are inscrutable not only to others but to themselves. They have great difficulty separating what they really feel from what they think they ought to be feeling. They try hard always to do the right thing no matter what the circumstances, and they judge themselves harshly when they discover they've been wrong. Despite the fact that Capricorns are realy wrong, when they do make an error, they make it in style. They make it with their heart and soul, convinced, at the time of making it, that it can not possibly be an error at all. They find it almost impossible to forgive themselves for their mistakes, and, even worse, they have memories like elephants.
Many people find it easy to treat the past as a mysterious world which belongs to someone else; Capricorns are the zodiac's natural historians. To a Capricorn, yesterday is the unalterable foundation upon which every tomorrow is built. They take the past and themselves very, very seriously. A Capricorn who loses self-confidence finds it very hard to regain it, which is hwy some people born under the sign fail to reach their deserved position in the order of things. What's more, a disillusioned Capricorn can soon become convinced that he or she "deserves to suffer." When that happens, as it often does, they can spend large chunks of their lives turning down opportunities. Fortunately this doesn't last forever. Eventually, their confiedence comes back, and the essential qualities of strength, stamina, and leadership re-emerge.
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Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th
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