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 Sagittarius November 23rd to December 21st

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PostSubject: Sagittarius November 23rd to December 21st   Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:14 am

All information from this text has been taken from "Complete Book of the Zodiac" by Jonathan Cainer

If you're free and easy, a Sagittarian is your ideal companion. They're game for anything, full of wild ideas, and normally bold as bras. IF you're cautious, though, you can rely on a Sagittarian to un-nerve you! Sagittarians are as deep and sensitive below the surface as they are happy-go-lucky about it. They have convention and prefer to express their feelings when they really feel them. A Sagittarian, for axample, may shower you with gifts one day out of the blue but totally forget your actual birthday. They won't hold it against you if you do the same. In fact, they'd rather you did that than give some dull or predictable token.
Sagittarians love the spur of the moment and can feel badly trapped by a standing commitment. Their enthusiasm lasts noly while there's challenge or novelty. This doesn't make them unreliable, for they will always honor an obligation, but they don't really enjoy being dutiful and are at their happiest when anything can happen.
Sagittarians also have great difficulty saying the word "no." It's an endearing quality based on irrepressible optimism. The closet the'll normally come to a refusal is a sort of hestitant "maybe", which might easily be mistaken for a guarded "yes." If you can learn to read the signs and tell which is which, your life will be easier, and their relationship with you will be much happier.
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Sagittarius November 23rd to December 21st
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