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 Leo July 24th to August 24th

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Leo July 24th to August 24th Empty
PostSubject: Leo July 24th to August 24th   Leo July 24th to August 24th Icon_minitimeThu Apr 01, 2010 5:01 pm

Leos love to be admired. They can't help it; they're just built that way. The trouble is that they are also headstrong, highly strung, and able to annoy people with out meaning to. So while they can easily attract the attention they want, they don't always attract the respect which ought to come with it. This is not helped by the fact that Leos can be strong about wanting their own way and difficult when they don't get it! Other people are like this, too, but Leos don't manage to hide their feelings well. It's the cheif Leo failing, but the best Leo asset.
Leos may not be able to mask their less acceptable emotions, but they're equally unable to disguise their nicer ones. A happy Leo radiates enough warmth to defrost a refridgerator! Which such a sunny disposition, there's normally much contagious enthusiasm to be enjoyed in a Leo's company. Sadly, though, some people find the Leo equilibrium upsetting. They mistake the self-contained smile for insensitivity. However, Leos feel deeply and care passionately. They know that once they let go of their cheer veneer, they'll unleash and avalanche of uncontrollable emotion. You'll see the truth of this when a Leo gives you a present, for Leos never hold back (feelings or checkbook) if there's a chance to give. And, when giving to a Leo, niether should you.
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Leo July 24th to August 24th
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