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 Cancer June 23rd to July 23rd

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Cancer June 23rd to July 23rd Empty
PostSubject: Cancer June 23rd to July 23rd   Cancer June 23rd to July 23rd Icon_minitimeThu Apr 01, 2010 5:06 pm

All information from this text has been taken from "Complete Book of the Zodiac" by Johnathan Cainer.

Cancerians like to play it safe. They would be dull, unadventurous people were it not for one thing: powerful emotions. When a Cancerian feels a strong attraction to someone or something, all caution flies out the window. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's dramatic. Consequently, Cancerians spend their lives trying to stabilize after the last big upheaval and before the next one.
In the attempt to be steady and settled, cancerians can put up with amazing inconveniences and let people take them for granted. But when one of those strong inner urges surfaces, they'll overthrow everything they've worked so hard to build and take breathaking risks and liberties. They justify it with the hope that their action will lead to equal stability under better circumstances. Usually it does.
It's no use encouraging Cancerians to widen their horizons while they're putting down roots. And it's no use trying to spea to them about common sense when they're in the throes of passion. Either way, they'd have to ignore you. For, while Cancerians are good at looking after others, they hate to be told what to do!
There is one thing you can always give Cancerians: reassurance. They suffer from guilt and need to be told that it's all OK. The right word at the right time will always mean more to a Cancerian than any expensive gift.
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Cancer June 23rd to July 23rd
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