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 Taurus April 21st to May 21st

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PostSubject: Taurus April 21st to May 21st   Taurus April 21st to May 21st Icon_minitimeThu Apr 01, 2010 5:23 pm

All information from this text has been taken from "Complete Book of the Zodiac" by Johnathan Cainer

Taureans are tenacious. They know what they want and don't stop until they get it. Of course, tenacity without capacity is pointless, but, fortunately, Taureans are also diligent and discriminating. While your Taurean friend probably prefers efficiency to excitment, it doesn't mean that he or she is dull. Nothing but the best will do for Taureans. They have insatiable appetites, not just for food but for everything fine and refined. Eleganct eccentricity is a Taurean trademark.
It's not easy to explain why Taureans are so asquisitive and earthy, yet so creative and ethereal. but it's easy for Taureans to be this way. They don't see it as a problem, and neither should you. If there's a drawback to being a bull, it's moodiness. When Taureans aren't plodding slowly but surely towards a goal, they can be melancholic or morose. These patient people always need to feel they are getting somewhere.
Taureans gain a vital sense of identity and security from their possessions, so if you want to give your Taurean friend a real thrill, give him or her something to complete or complement a collection. Taureans also collect experiences. The ideal gift could be a well thoughtfully arranged party or outgoing or perhaps a rare chance to experience a very special luxury.


When you're choosing a home, they key question is not so much, "Will it house my family?" as "Will it house the paraphernalia I've been gathering over the years?" You collect knickknacks faster than a carpenter could put up shelves to display them. It's a shame because, if you could only pare down your possessions, you might fit nicely into a rustic cottage. It wouldn't need roses around the door (with your gardening skill you could soon grow these), but it would need to have a big graden and a spacious kitchen.
Your ideal house number is 50. (This always scores in the bull's eye!)


On special occasions, some people wear silk, velvet, and lace, materials which tend to make most of us look vulnerable and sensitive. When you wear them, however, you usually look affluent, creative and confident, especially when you pick them up in deep, rech colors. Your ideal accessory out to be a necklace, cravat, or choker. Taurus rules the throat, and though you may not realize this, your neck has the potential to be on of your most impressive assets. YOu also often need to pick clothes that flatter your figure.


As a sensual, refined Taurean, you like a car with style and elegance. Ideally, you would drive a restored masterpiece from a bygone era: perhaps an early Jaguar or an Austin Cambridge. Only two problems prevent you from following up on this idea: the mpg and the gpm (garage hours per month).Thus, your natural pragmatism reluctantly steers you towrds the more reliable and economical car. With these, your choice is most likely going to be based on driver comfrot: the softness of the seats, the visiaul line of the interior design, and the amount of room in the driver's door for king-sized bags of candy. Big engines don't particularly excute you because you drive as you live: sedately, gracefully, and, just occasionally when heavey traffic demands it, creatively.


Taurus is traditionally the sign of the gourmet. Some might argue it is also the sign of the goose. However, in all fairness, though you love to tickle your tastebuds, you can usually stop while you can see your toes in the shower. Your favorite foods tend to be exotic. Given the opportunity, you'd live on a diet of asparagus, caviar, blueberries, mangoes, and quail's eggs. Every night, you'd eat at a different upscale restaurant, and you would wash it all down with the most extravagant wine money can buy. And for dessert? It has to be chocolate. For all your refinement, you have a terrible sweet tooth.

The successful conduect of an industrial enterprise requires two distinct qualifications: fidelity and zeal.

These wise words come from your fellow Taurean John Stuart Mill, one of the leading economists of the nineteenth century. I quote them partly to illustrate your sign's long history of shrewd finacial thinking and partly because the quote includes two key words which capture the essence of a Taurean's innate ability to make money. Whether or not he realized it when he chose words like "fidelity" and "zest", he was naming the strongest qualities in your sign.
When you believ ein something, you stick with it long after more weak willed individuals might ahve given up the ghost. Although this occasionally puts you at a temporary disadvantage (you are not always able or inclined to drop your commitments and pursue a sudden offer), in the long term it is a surefire formula. You have the potential, as part of a strong, successful team, to generate a lot of wealth, to rise in status, to become more secure, and to see difficult projects though to successful conclusions. Your capacity to fulfill this potential, however, tends to hinge almost entirely on your ability to sacrifice, temporarily at least, the desire for greater independence and freedom.
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Taurus April 21st to May 21st
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