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 Aries March 21st to April 20th

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PostSubject: Aries March 21st to April 20th   Aries March 21st to April 20th Icon_minitimeThu Apr 01, 2010 5:30 pm

All information from this text has been taken from "Complete Book of the Zodiac" by Johnathan Cainer

Aries people don't beat around the bush. Whether or not you like what they have to say, at least they always say it clearly. Energetic and impulsive, they reach conclusions swiftly; they are quick witted and grasp many fats in a short time.
If you know what it's like to be an Arian, imagine owning a Ferrari sports car. Your vehicle is a waste of power and potential if it is not being pushed to the limit. The temptation is to speed dangerously and brake suddenly, even on city streets. That's why Arians are often considered impatient. It's also why they are accused of using sledgehammers to crack nutes. But when there's a long distance to travel in a hurry, that Ferarri comes into its own. And when there's an important task to tackle, Arians are unbeatable! Put Arians under pressure and they'll show inspiriing efficiency. If you need to move a mountain, ask an Arian.
Arians love to be kept busy, and they like their friends to understand this. An Arian is a powerhouse of restless energy which must be channeled constructively if it isn't to become self-destructive. If you are planning a party for your Arian, make sure it's based around an event. And if you are expecting an Arian to meet you at a certain time, be sure to provide an urgent reason why he must be there. Better still, dare him to be on time! If you give an Arian a chance to take the initiative, you'll never regret it!


Outside your own four walls, you may be able to take orders or to compromise. Inside them, however, you hate playing second fiddle. You need space in which to let off steam and a place where you can be in command. What's important is not where your home is or what it looks like, but who you share it with and how much respect you recieve. If that's to your satisfaction, a tent in Timbuktu will bring you as much pleasure as a palace.
Your ideal house number is 10.


Though you ahve enough confidence and elegance to shine in almost anything you wear, you don't much care for fancy, ornate items of jewelry or clothing. WHen you pick things that are plain, simple, and strong, they look great on you. Many people, for example, look uncomforatable in a big hate or unconvincing when dressed in red. You don't. You can wear red as bright as it comes and hats as big as they make them. Should the effect be too overwhelming, you can always tone yourself down or add a touch of softness just by wearing a small floral scar,hat, or belt.


As a lively, energetic, ambitious Arian, you naturally want to live life in the fast lane. This is fine if you happen to live near Le Mans but a little frustrating if your normal circuit is a two-lane roar. Your driving technique is further unfluenced by a tendancy to treat the accelerator as if it were a bee. All you want to do is stamp on it and grint it into the floor. For some reason, this makes your passengers nervous, or it would, if it weren't for the fact that you rarely have any. They all seem to prefer the bus. In theory, you're the ideal Porsche or Lamborghini driver. In practice, you don't need such extravagant engines. You're the only person on the planet capable of hitting warp factor 5 in a Ford Escort!


Mars, which rules oyur sign, has an affinity with all things hot and spicy. In theory, you're a curry lover, able tot take vindaloo as hot as it comes and always happy to ecperiement with Mexican, Thai or Indonesian restaurants. If you don't have an asbestots tongue, you probably show your typical Arian food traits at breakfast time. You prefer instant to perked coffee, soft boiled eggs to hard, and carton orange juice to frozen or fresh. Why? Because you can't be bothered to wait those extra few minutes. Unless someone else is doing the cooking, it's a case of the quicker it is to prepare, the better!

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."

"Money can't buy your friends but you can get a better class of enemy."

Although these remarks were made two hundred years apart, it's not easy to tell that the former comes from Thomas Jefferson and the latter from the muorist and ecology campaigner sPike Milligan. Both are pithy, incisive, and somewhat cynical. Both reveal a great deal about the Arian attitude toward wealth. You are under no illusions about material matters. the idea of being wealthy may attract one part of your personality, but it sets off alarm bells elsewhere in your psyche. You can make progress, but only if you really set your mind to it. You have to create your own opportunities through hard work and just as important, but consistent effort. This isn't always easy as you might imagine, because you find yourself continually te,pted to change horses in midsteam or to make aseies of wild, spontaneous decisions to enter new territory. You often decide that you'd rather sacrifice security and wealth for the sake of adventure, creative challenge, and/or or job satisfaction. Such choices will leave you in poorer economic terms but richer in spirit. Whether or not you feel able to make certain choices depends on how strong your need is for a regular, conventional source of income.


Because your sign traditionally symbolizes new beginings, you tend to be forever seeking the excitement of a fresh start in your relationships. You love the magical feeling you experience when you are first getting to know someone special, and if you're not careful, you'll allow this addiction to spoil your chances of long term security. You won't have permanence in your love life until you learn to develop a mature outlook. You have to overcome your inner restlessness, your tendancy to imagine that the grass is greener on the other side, and your boredom threshold. One sure way to do this is to keep a degree of tension in your closest relationships. Up to a point at least, you actually like not knowing where you stand with your partner. If nothing else, it keeps you on your toes. Consequently, even if your spouse is natually loyal and steadfast, you subconsciously seek ways to push them to the limits of their patience. You stir up trouble and then act surprised when the sparks fly.
For this reason, you are probably best suited to someone with an equally strong need for a sparring partner. As long as your loved one also enjoys the occasional battle, power struggle, or confrontation, you can rest comparatively comfortably in a tense arrangement that would have most people desperate for a way out. But if your beloved doesn't enjoy this, you have to find a way to become more placid and predictable withouth fearing that your life has grown stagnant. Almost certainly, the best way involves building or creating some kind of shared challenge. United against a common enemy, you and your loved one can have all the joy of a relationship which contains the necessary tension withouth the unnecessary heartache.

A Sideways Look at Your Sign
  • Aries people are impulsive, rash, hot-headed, excitable, overbearing bullies who never forgt who their enemies are, who hate to compromise and who refuse to take orders.
  • Arians are wise, efficent, quick-witted, dynamic, affable people who can get along with anyone. These open-hearted, gregarious, spontaneous people rarely hold a grudge.

The two statements above nicely sum up the glaring difference between the popular myth about your zodiac sign and the stark truth. So... which is which?
Most Arians are almost beligerently optimistic. They don't just look on the bright side, they walk around with portable sunlamps in their pockets. Whenever they come across doom or gloom, they plug those lamps into the nearest socket and let the light shine down mercilessly until the darkness retreats. This usually makes them popular. Just occasionally, though, their zest for life irritates people. Nobody likes to look like a stick in the mud, and some people get annoyed when an Arian comes bounding along with an instant answer to a question these people have been fretting over for so long they've begun to treat it like a pet. They forget that the Aries person is doing them a favor, and they start to think they have been robbed!
Arians, however, are not easily put off. They know they are right to trust their instincts and resent being told to forget them. They just roll up their sleeves, ignore the objections, and dive straight in. Nine times out of ten, once they're started to prove their point, the other person will follow along, which is one rason why Arians are natural leaders. On the tenth ocassion, the other person will start nitpicking jealously. It's then that Arian gets upset and says something impolite. "Humpf," says the person whom the Arian is trying to help, "aren't you an iritable so-and-so!"
And that's how you know the bad press starts. Now you know the truth.
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Aries March 21st to April 20th
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