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To bring like minded individuals who are on their spiritual journey together to share information, experiences and knowledge. Because knowledge is power. Love and Light to all.
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 greastest metaphor ive heard yet.

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greastest metaphor ive heard yet. Empty
PostSubject: greastest metaphor ive heard yet.   greastest metaphor ive heard yet. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 04, 2010 9:25 pm

This man had a garden full of beautiful flowers one day he goes outside to see that most of all his flowers were dying.
he goes to the rose and asks, "rose,why are you dying?" the rose replys,"i cant be like that tulip flower over there."
The man goes to the tulip flower and asks,"why are you dying?" she replys, "i cant be like that tree" so the man goes to
the only flower in the garden that is alive and asks,"lily how are you the only flower living with all this death around you?"
and the lily replys,"my god put me here to live and be beautiful and thats what im going to do".

when i heard this it touched my heart.
we need to live with no doubt in our minds
or better yet we need to live with confindence (on a positive note).

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greastest metaphor ive heard yet.
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