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 My view on Star Children.

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My view on Star Children. Empty
PostSubject: My view on Star Children.   My view on Star Children. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 1:47 am

I believe in Indigo children, Crystal children, and Rainbow children. Star children, Pearl children and Emerald children. But I believe that they are all just names for the same. To put a label on something, to me can ruin whatever point you are trying to get across. To put these so called labels on children, divides and seperates them. And then problems are creatred. To put yourself under one specific name to categorize yourself ,to me it conforming to a group and many of these "names" have almost guidlines as to what makes you one of these children. And if you do not have a majority of these charactersistics, you must not belong to the specific group.

I once believed that I was an indigo, maybe even a crystal but I have never really felt like I have completely fit in. But I believe in my heart that I am here for a specific reason and to help with the change of humanity and the world itself. A good friend told me the best thing to do is believe in yourself and that if you believe in yourself that anything is possible. I believe that all people big and small have special abilities they are not aware of (After all average people only use about ten percent of their brain) Whether they choose to unlock these abilities and use them all depends on the path that they choose to walk.

I think that we all play specific roles in the upbringing of humanity and the evolution of our mind, body and souls.
Hi my name is Serendipity. I am not an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Pearl, Emerald or Star Child. I am a free spirit and a child of the new age. And this is the path that I have chosen to walk.

-Another thing, is I understand that Crystal and Rainbow are the terms given to the younger generation that are incarnating here on Earth. But those are the brothers and sisters to the children already here. Again I see segregation, every child that comes into this Earth is special..

-Some children can also go a majority of their childhood/teen years and go into some of their early adult years with out developing any of their abilities due to proper training. But how do you think some may feel when they know they are different and go out to seek information to see, but come across lists that "determine" if you are one of these children. When they dont meet a majority of the questions they can become to feel even more lost.
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My view on Star Children.
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