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 Chakras and the different numbers

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Chakras and the different numbers Empty
PostSubject: Chakras and the different numbers   Chakras and the different numbers Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 3:13 pm

There are two different numbers thrown out about chakras there are the 7 chakras and then people say that star children have 13 chakras. Here is the 7 chakras:

-Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra

-Ajna: The Brow Chakra

-Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra

-Anahata: The Heart Chakra

-Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra

-Svadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra

-Muladhara: The Base Chakra

The other 6 chakras that add onto those that people believe are major chakras are:

-Earth Star Chakra

-Earth Heart Chakra

-Higher-Self Chakra

-Christ Conscious Chakra

-Archangelic Chakra

-God Self Chakra
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Chakras and the different numbers
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