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 Do You Believe in God?

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PostSubject: Do You Believe in God?   Do You Believe in God? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2010 11:30 pm

In the book of revelations it talks about the end of times, and what will happen to those people who believe in God, and those who do not. What if "god" isnt the person we have been taught to believe. What if "god" is our higherselves? That there isnt just one specific "god" for all people. That your not supposed to believe in a religion, your supposed to believe in yourself. Because you are god to your life, you control your own life, your world. You determine what your destiny shall become. I mean look at it, the laws of attraction show it best. You can make things happen in your life. You can influence the patterns in your life, to come out as negative or postive. You are the balance inbetween. You just need to become concious of your own power. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.
So whose to say in the "end of times" you will be judged on whether you choose to follow the crowd, or whether you choose to believe in yourself.
Why does god have to be male or female?
Why does god have to be white or black or hispanic?
Why does god have to be called god?
What I am trying to say is why is that "god" has to have ONE SPECIFIC NAME, GENDER, ORIGIN etc.

Because someone else says so, because thats what history says?
-I learned something in history class back in freshmen year and my teacher held an excellent point. History is written by one side of the story, Or the other side.
It just depends on what side of the spectrum you are looking at.
Think about this:
The wars between the Native Americans and the Westerners back when we were expanding to the west back in the 1800's. You hear our side of the story in history, not theirs. And I bet their side is completely different then what we have to say.
Another example is this:
-Take Santa Claus for instance...this is a perfect example not all hispanic people believe that Santa Claus is a big fat white guy, they see him as their Latin origin, just as not all black people see him as a Latino guy. Its tailored to every person, and what THEY believe in.

If you believe that it is true, then it is true to you. Because it is what you believe in. No one can tell you different...they can only share with you their beliefs. Garunteed not all of our beliefs are the same, but thast not to say that they all arent true.

So in my opinion, I believe in a higher power, which I believe to be our higherselves.
No I dont have an answer to why I believe were here -because even though there might
be a collective reason for all of us on this planet were all here for individual reasons that
you can only come to find out by searching with in yourself.
No I dont have an answer to how we became to be on this planet or how our conciousness
works or what bigger picture we may be connected to.
I think the answer is something much bigger then we could have ever imagined or
begin to grasp.

Anything is possible.
So what do you believe in?
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PostSubject: Re: Do You Believe in God?   Do You Believe in God? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2010 11:59 pm

This topic has bugged me for years. I'll go through phases when god -- in my mind, simply doesn't exist. There have also been times in which I have felt "the spirit" entwine and become one with my body. What exactly is that feeling? Is it our higher-self as you mention? I feel like discussing this is pernicious for my health at this point. I just wonder how it is so easy for people to accept there is an omnipotent man out there that solves peoples problems and puts them through trials like a sister of fate. It almost makes me feel like I'm not liable for my own decisions to a certain degree; which can't be right.

I've heard many times:

"Don't you care about where you're going after death?"


"Why not just be faithful and save a trip to hell?"

Doesn't it say in the Bible not to force a horse to drink water!? After so much contemplating I've decided that I just don't care.
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PostSubject: Re: Do You Believe in God?   Do You Believe in God? Icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 12:00 am

So my philosophy professor is one of the biggest cynics I've ever met. And although I like to be optimisic and think that it's true that everyone is entitled to their own opinions [I say opinions, not beliefs, they're different.], my philosophy professor makes some very valid points.

He says just because you don't know what the truth is, does not mean that there isn't a truth.

One person believes it is immoral to have the death penalty.
One person believes it is morally correct to have it.
Just because this debate has gone on for years and years and will probably go on for tons more, just because no one really knows which side is right, does not mean that one side isn't actually right. If one is right, the other must be wrong. They can not both be true.

Do me a favor, anyone. Give me two statements that oppose each other that you know to both indefinitely be true. I'll bet you can't find one.

My philosophy professor's point, pertaining to the subject at hand, is that just because the world is unaware of which religion is the "right" religion, doesn't mean that there is no "right" religion. And perhaps the "right" religion is no religion. Perhaps the "right" religion is spirituality in itself, which I believe sort of backs up Ashley's point. Anything is possible, but not everything is the correct anything.

My own belief is that there is a higher power. I don't believe it has a name, that it wants us to worship it or give it a doctrine. I believe that the main base to life is to be a good person, to have the best of intentions and to never intentionally hurt anyone. I believe everyone's purpose in this life is to carry out their own individual purposes. I believe to some extent our life is our own and we have control over it, and I believe that there are things out of our control that can change how our story plays out.

Well, there's my two cents.
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PostSubject: Re: Do You Believe in God?   Do You Believe in God? Icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 11:22 am

history ~ his story
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PostSubject: Re: Do You Believe in God?   Do You Believe in God? Icon_minitime

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Do You Believe in God?
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