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To bring like minded individuals who are on their spiritual journey together to share information, experiences and knowledge. Because knowledge is power. Love and Light to all.
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PostSubject: HEY THERE IM DAISY >_~   HEY THERE IM DAISY >_~ Icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2010 11:39 pm

HEY my Name is Daisy ( like the flower) some know me by Giggles(z)
i was born as energy into this earth september 2nd 1990 VIRGO my number is 7

so ill start with the simple basics
im a indigo child i am currently reading and studying about energies,auras,telepathy ,sprites chakras ,

people dont take the time to know me i wish they did i have alot to offer in this life time i want to help people

i love learning <3 something new happens every day of our lives so its not possible to not learn something new
i know there are more enlightened people out there


i have met serendipity she is filled with great aura and energy she is someone who i i can talk to to for hours on end

i know there is so many things i dont know yet that people like u who are reading this do know im totaly open to opening my self up

im currently not in vegas right now but i will be there in 4 months when i am there i want to meet everyone from this forum

i would love advise from everyone of u

more about me music keeps me calm im also studying numerology and astrology i need to go to the library my whole life i have been judge cuz of one thing or the other
when i came in the rave life style 7 years ago all that judgeing stopped . im a firm believe in karmic synergy and in P.L.U.R. and many more things . i dont consider rave a scene or a new thing i been raveing for 7 years and i wont stop its a lifestyle of no judgement

im going to college for PSYCHOLOGY AND COSMETOLOGY my two loves i have many loves but those two are my main squeezes lol

i was named giggles and proud to be called that cuz i believe every second u laugh u live a second longer and giggles is a happy and fun thing and sometimes people need to just LAUGH or shall i say GIGGLE <3

when i heard about this forum i got so happy cuz i was proud of the people who did it and i use to go on this sight all the time

i was always very interested in this from the beginning not for the display name on my myspace or anything that for what it is and what it stands for <333

every thing happens for a reason ( lets make it a good reason )
peace and love
-daisy (giggles) Laughing[center]
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