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 How have dreams changed your life?

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How have dreams changed your life? Empty
PostSubject: How have dreams changed your life?   How have dreams changed your life? Icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 11:57 pm

Going into the depths of my dreams would make me feel like a very grandiloquent person, so I'll keep it simple. Dreams have helped me figure out what my sexuality truly is (I'm not gay) and have even helped me decide what I want for my future career. Dreams can do so much for humanity because they bring forth the scary, beautiful truth. What have they done for you?
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How have dreams changed your life? Empty
PostSubject: Dreams are beautiful.   How have dreams changed your life? Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 1:40 am

Dreams change the world. You have the ability to do absolutely anything in a dream, things that we are not capable to do here in our waking life. They help you work through problems, bring a better understanding to things, help you work through a current problem/situation/question.

Sometimes when I dream of a person, maybe I havent talked to them in a while, I see it as somewhat as a signal or a sign to maybe reconnect with this person. I ask myself why does this person show up in my dream world and what our relationship is in my waking life.

Plus since my mom has died I have dreams where she is in them. It makes me feel close again, to have interaction with her. Even if it is just a dream, as strange as the dream may have been it becomes something like a memory.
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How have dreams changed your life?
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