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 My Article for the School Paper.

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My Article for the School Paper. Empty
PostSubject: My Article for the School Paper.   My Article for the School Paper. Icon_minitimeSat Feb 06, 2010 3:15 am

Astrology was created around sixteenth century B.C by the Babylonians. They observed that events that happened on Earth could be correlated to cosmic phenomena. Over the years, different features were added to astrology such as the rising sign, and Mid-heaven [Which I will cover in future articles], the astrological houses, planetary rulers, aspects, and predictive techniques. The astrology that we use today is referred to as “Mundane Astrology” which can be referred to as the astrology of countries, coups, economic conditions and so on. There is no explanation as to why Astrology is so accurate. This has been a metaphysical science that has continued to fascinate readers for thousands of years.

Integrating astrology into your daily life can help you reach a deeper insight to who you are in an external and internal view. It can also help you resolve life problems. How much about yourself do you think you know and how much about yourself have you yet to learn? Everyone has a sun-sign which is determined by what constellation the sun is positioned in during the month and day of your birth. Each sign has positive and negative traits that make up who you are. But there is more to astrology then just sun-signs. Every position of the planets at birth has an influence on who we are and the personality traits that we will carry through out our entire life. A birth chart can help you determine where the planets were positioned at the time of your birth. Not one person has the same birth chart unless you were born at the same time on the same date (Meaning day, month and year). Even though a birth chart may seem complex they become easy to read with the help of the internet or a book. Many websites even offer a free natal chart service that will provide you with the different planetary influences and an explanation to what they mean.

So what do you have to loose? Everyone could benefit from learning more about themselves. Next time your around the computer check out some websites that are based around astrology. You never know what you might learn.
Here are some of my favorite:
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My Article for the School Paper.
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