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 Cell Phones and Twitter

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PostSubject: Cell Phones and Twitter   Cell Phones and Twitter Icon_minitimeThu Feb 18, 2010 11:52 am

This is dedicated to the person that decided that if a little electronic communication is good, a whole lot is better. Maybe it's because I grew up in a world (90s) where communication was done in only three ways, by mail (snail mail that is,) by telephone (the one that plugged into the wall and never left your house,) or by actual face to face communication, because now I get somewhat annoyed with the idea of people being able to reach out and touch someone no matter where you are, no matter where they are. I mean I get the social and networking value of blogs and even facebook but I'm talking about how society has become weirdly dependent on text messaging and cell phones. So much so that new laws need to be written and enforced to get people to stop using them at inappropriate times, say like during jury duty or while driving. I even read a story about a woman that set up a twitter account so she could send "tweets" while delivering her first born so that, "everyone could share in the experience." Yeah, I wonder when exactly those messages went from, Oh hey, my water just broke, to Oh my fucking god, get it out, get it out!!

My point in all this is why is it that people are so uncomfortable in their own head that they can't drive 5 miles without calling or texting someone, or sit in a classroom or a court of law and listen to the information that's being shared with them without answering their email. Who was this person that decided to turn the world into a bunch of communication addicts that can no longer spend anytime in quiet contemplation or even go to the bathroom without taking their phone with them. I had the unfortunate experience recently of being in public restroom listening to a guy talking on the phone while he made use of a stall. Maybe it's just me but I would rather not talk to someone while they shit, it's just icky. Has our society come so far that we literally can't live 10 minutes without talking to someone else?

I honestly believe that at some point in the not too distant future we as a society, as a world, will have to incorporate quiet times just like those we all had in kindergarten. You remember those, when the teacher would say, "now we're all going to be quiet for the next 20 minutes" and we would all put our heads down on the desk and fidget. Well it's coming, mark my words, soon we will all have to have national quiet times so we can all spend some time with ourselves so we don't forget what makes us individuals.
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PostSubject: Cell phones.   Cell Phones and Twitter Icon_minitimeThu Feb 18, 2010 9:01 pm

They're helpful but they I think they do more harm then good. I mean granted, I'm one of those people who is constantly on a phone. Whether its texting or calling, there is usually a phone attatched to my ear or my hands. Its gotten old though. Yeah, I love being able to communicate with my friends but I'm so tired of being dependent on this little electronic device.

Oh this is bittersweet.
We can we not all just be telepathic?
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Cell Phones and Twitter
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