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 Is everyone bisexual?

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PostSubject: Is everyone bisexual?   Is everyone bisexual? Icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 5:17 pm

This topic may be sexually explicit to some.

I've thought about this a lot lately, mainly due to a comment Billy Joe Armstrong mentioned in an interview claiming that he thinks everyone is bisexual; and that it's beautiful. In his cupidity I felt like I saw arrogance and duplicity, but I value his opinion -- and here's why.

Now, before I become a gastronome and delve into the real meat of the topic, allow me to mention this before anyone else does. I really don't want to hear any topic replies stating "I'm straight, and I have no interest in the same sex at all." That's really tacky to me and defeats the purpose of this topic. I've met countless people that have told me that; and a lot of them are the ones that ended up coming out the soonest. I don't want to force my opinion, but take time to contemplate it.

I think a lot of us are confused on what we are. When I was younger I was and still am today considered very feminine. I've got feminine tastes and looks, at least for a guy. I got made fun of in elementary school because of it. AS you can safely assume, a lot of people automatically assumed I was gay. AND I never thought that was true, because I liked girls then (and now of course). Eventually I began to wonder though, and got lost in Middle School. I didn't really know what my sexuality was at all. My sexuality came to me in a dream. It was rather explicit and it involved me and a guy I thought was very attractive. I don't really know how to say this appropriately, but I woke up to the truth. HA. It's okay to muster a chuckle. The next day I had a sexual dream involving a female. I've always trusted dreams. They have no perceiving reason to lie to me or to even tell the truth. It's me. Those are my thoughts. They are neither relevant or insignificant. It's just the way it is.

I believe everyone has some attract to the same and opposite sex. Some people are trained early via churches or traditions on what is "right" so they can usually be immune. But I think deep down into the abyss, there is a little bit of a bisexual in all of us.

Look at the rest of the animal kingdom. They all have sexual interest in each other because intimacy is important to relieve stress. Why does the gender matter? Sure, it takes a female and a male to reproduce, but why should that mean it's the only true way of human intimacy?
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PostSubject: Free Love.   Is everyone bisexual? Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 12:00 am

I agree. I believe everyone is capable of loving anyone, same or opposite sex. When I say this you may think, "oh thats just a pretty way of saying bisexual." but I do think that they are very different things. I call it free love. Its the same basics as being bisexual, being capable of loving both sexes but it is more than that. It is also being capable of loving someone younger or older than you, someone in a different religion, of a different race, anyone. I, for one, have a boyfriend and a girlfriend, which I have made sure is okay with the both of them. They both service different intimate, physical and emotional needs. Some people say what I do is selfish. But honestly, if it is okay with my boyfriend and girlfriend, then what is wrong with it ? It's not some kinky worthless sex triangle. I genuinly love my girlfriend and my boyfriend is kind of new but when the time comes I will genuinly love him too. And they accept it. But basically what my point boils down to is that everyone who allows themselves to think and feel for themselves, is truly deep down free love.
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PostSubject: Free Love.   Is everyone bisexual? Icon_minitimeTue Mar 02, 2010 11:04 pm

I completely agree everyone should be free to love, whether that person is a male or female. In today's society its become more socially acceptable to be "bi-sexual" or gay. Though due to the behavior in my government class, I see that it will never become fully accepted and there are are so many individuals who believe that it is wrong because its not in the bible. I'm not saying what they believe in is wrong, but I'm not saying that it is right either. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on the matter, but not everyone believes in the same thing. And thats something that people need to come and accept.

There is a difference between being bi-curious and bi-sexual.
If you are bi-curious you are of course curious as to your sexuality, and are experiementing whether to see if you are straight, gay or bi-sexual.
And I believe that bi-sexual means that you are completely sure of your sexuality and are comfortable being in a relationship with either a male or female.
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PostSubject: Re: Is everyone bisexual?   Is everyone bisexual? Icon_minitime

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Is everyone bisexual?
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