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 Divinatory Meanings.

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Divinatory Meanings. Empty
PostSubject: Divinatory Meanings.   Divinatory Meanings. Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 10:36 pm

Crystals have traditional meanings associated with them. For a quick answer to a question, place a selection of the crystals listed below in a bag. Concentrate on your question. PIck out a crystal at random; look at the meanings asoociated with that crystal to find your answer. If two or three crystals fall into your hand, read all the meanings.

Amethyst: A life changing and shift ni consciousness. Faithfulness in love, freedom from jealousy
Agate: Wordly success or a pleasant surprise. Good health, wealth and long life. Particularly lucky for people connected with the land
Blue Lace Agate: Healing is needed.
Black Agate: Needs and will find courage and prosperity
Red Agate: Health and longevity are yours
Bloodstone: Unpleasant surprise, unlikely to be an illness
Red Jasper: Pay attention to earhly affairs
Aventurine: Future growth and expansion are possible
Garnet: A letter is on its way
Citrine: Celestial wisdom is advising you
Diamond or clear quartz: Permanence. Business advancement. If the crystal looses its sparkle, betrayal
Emerlad: Fertility or a secret admirer. If color pales, love is fading
Hematite: New opportunities await
Jade: Needs and will find imortality and perfection
Lapis Lazuli: Deine favor is yours
Quartz: Be sure to clarify your issues you asked about and those that arise
Rose quartz: Love and self healing are needed and will come
Snow Quartz: Profound changes are coming
Ruby: Power and passion, good fortune and friendship, but beware of strangers
Sapphire: Truth and chastity and the past will catch up with you
Snowflake Obsedian: End of a challenging time
Tigers Eye: All is not as it appears to be
Unakite: COmpromise and integration
Opal: Death or endings. If the crystal looses its brilliance an unfaithful lover
Sardonyx: A wedding may be in the orring
Topaz: Excersie caution
Turquoise: A journey is imminent

All information has been taken from the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.
I find that this is an excellent book with great information on crystals.
It shows the crystal in raw and polished form, tells you where you can
find them. Their different properties, and the best position/place to
wear them on your body.
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Divinatory Meanings.
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