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 The Botany of Desire.

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The Botany of Desire. Empty
PostSubject: The Botany of Desire.   The Botany of Desire. Icon_minitimeTue Mar 23, 2010 10:21 am

This movie is an incredibly captivating movie featuring Michael Pollan about the 4 most prevalent human desires - apples, tulips, marijuana, and potatoes. It's a wonderful documentary explaining how these four plants have caught on to how they can manipulate themselves to become more desirable to humans. They have made themselves so diverse and incredible that they no longer have to evolve through nature themselves, because they rely on our desires to help them become strong, more beautiful, and more varied. It also takes a detailed look into what farming is doing to the natural evolution of plants. Farming across America has become very limited to what only the masses prefer, completely stopping the plant's natural ability to evolve new strengths against the bugs, the viruses, the weather, ect. Because of this hault in evolution, we've had to rely on more and more chemical agents and carcinogens. The documentary also takes a look at some of the most exotic gardens housing these plants. It's great! And the best part is, if you have Netflix, or have it on your xbox you can just add it to your queue.

Now for those of you thinking, this movie is stupid because those aren't the most prevalent desires, stop. think about it. let's say....it's about 4000 years in the future, and we've been gone for a long, long time. some other intelligence has found our planet, which is almost entirely destroyed. somehow, they manage to gather information about our race and our life on earth. obviously technology, industry, material items will not be of importance - they're not going to learn anything except for how limted we were, but these four desires are nature at her finest. these four plants are the essence of our purpose and habitat here. all of this around us, it's not real. this is all fake. it's all mechanical. information is such a lie, because you'll never even have close to enough to make a mark on everything else that's out there. but what we were given, the earth, is creation and art and beauty in itself. there's nothing more valuable or important or incredible than that, the chance we have been given to flourish.
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The Botany of Desire.
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