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 Pisces February 20th to March 20th.

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Pisces February 20th to March 20th. Empty
PostSubject: Pisces February 20th to March 20th.   Pisces February 20th to March 20th. Icon_minitimeTue Mar 30, 2010 5:59 pm

All information in this thread has been taken from '' Complete Book of the Zodiac" by Johnathan Cainer

Pisceans dont miss much. They have a special inner radar which lets them tine into hidden messages, and somehow they always know what's really going on in people's hearts. You'll rarely find a Piscean abusing this gift, though, because Pisceans are as sensitive as they are symphathetiv. It's just as well. If their ambitions were as ruthless as their instincts are sharp, there'd be no stopping a Piescean, ever.
Happily, nature has made most Pisceans content to value human warmth above material gain. There are, of course, exceptions to any rule, but even the occasional avaricious Piscean is prone to the same basic handicap as his or her less competitive cousin, an overactive imagination.
Pisceans are full of visionary enthusiasm. They daydream in Technicolor. Creativity comes as naturally to a Piscean as strength to an athelete. It's the sort of creativity which every poet, artist, musician, storyteller, or inventor needs. It's insportational energy, but, while its wonderful to have on tap, it's hard to control. Pisceans who don't have a creative job or hobby often find themselves overwhelmed by ideas which they can't put to use or emotions which they can not understand.
The best thing you can give your Piscean friends is an outlet for this imagination. Join them in their reveries, encourage their idealisim, and, most important of all, help them see which of their fantasies should be followed and which should be ignored.


Your Piscean home is, I'm sure, comfortable and cleverly furnished, but I'd like to be it's also forever full of friends and neighbors in various states of severe distress. Who are these people who sit on your sofa, pouring their hearts out from morning till night, and then just pull our the cushions, turn it into a bed, snore loudly, and wake up to start sobbing on your shoulder all over again the next day? Where do they come from? And why do you encourage them? their perpetual persence means your house is never quiet, dull, or empty, but it also means you never have time to live the domestic idyll you once intended.
Your ideal house number is 1, to remind you of who you should be looking out for.


Pisces us a mysterious, exotic sign, so Pisceans out to wear mysteriou, exotic clothes. You were born to wander around in caftans and kimonos, saris and sarongs, pelerines and ponchos. Though you don't always wear such adventurous attire, you don't fool any one when you dress more conventionally. Your faraway eyes still look as if they're longing to be set off by clothes from far away places; so if you want to do yourself a real favor, let loose the poet in your soul. find the courage to wear those long flowing robes and intricately patterned prints you're forever being tempted by.


For you, a car is sort of an elaborate mounting for your stereo speakers. You're so bothered about your sound system that, even when your car breaks down, you're more inclined to change the tape than the wheel. Other useful things in you car oinclude a selection of mirrors in which to check your apperance. You suspect they have another purpose, but, offhand you can't quite recall what it is. Such vagueness does, however, have its advance. Salesman give up when they ask what kind of vehicle you want, only to be told: " A nice blue on please." Sadly, this makes you a liability on the road. You are, for example, supposed to use your turn signal to indicate that you are about to turn, not because you want to point out, to the motorist behind, a particularly pretty rose bush over there on the right!


Pisceans are particularly fond of food that looks like it's going to taste of one thing but turns out to be entirely different. Rice that has been subtly flavored with coconut or lemon, white sauce that's been cleverly season with cumin or coriander, cheese that has been matured with beer or onions would all be Piscean favorites. It's all related to being born under the influence of Neptune, the great celestial illusionist. You like your meals to be master-pieces and to accompany them, you like wines full of character, wit, and subtely. Your Piscean palate is tremendously sensitive, and you simpley love having it stimulated.


"The hardest thing in the wolrd to understand is the income tax"

This quote comes from Albert Einstein, who was not just a genius but a Piscean genius. I have chosen it to begin your forecast partly because its amusing to think of him having trouble working out his tax return, and partly because I haven't been able to find an eminet Piscean econmist to quote. I'm not too suprised, mind youl. Yours is a creative sign. Creative people don't always do well in areas where people are expected to be dry, logical, and matter-of-fact. Einstein managed to get away with begin a creative scientist, but even he couldn't bring himself to wrap his brilliant mind around such a dull matter as money. Creative people rarely can. When they do, it gets them into trouble. Creative economists are mustrusted, creative accountants frowned on, and creative financiers very often put into prison!
If you work in any of thse fields, please don't take offense. I'm sure you are very good at following the rules all day, as long as youg et to do something more inspiring by night. Even so, i maintain that if, as a Piscean, you really wish to make money, your best bet is to do something, well creative! Long ago, you were very interested in a subject that circumstances eventually obliged you to move away form. Rediscover your old hobby, area of interest, or big idea. With a few modifications, it can become an important, profitable part of your future. You'll find yourself saying something like, "I never realized what a gold mine I was sitting on," or "Who would have thought that my interest in X would eventually lead to Y?" It should all result in a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.


No Piscean is capable of giving his or her love exclusively and continously to one person for an entire lifetime. This doesn't mean you can not successfully maintain a joyous, monogamous relationship from now until the day you die or even (bearing in mind that you are a mystical Piscean) beyond. But it does mean that you have to recognize the limits of what any parner ship can be expected to bring you.
Because you are imaginative, idealistic and, to a degree at least, susceptible to the mythology with which we were all brought up, you cannont help but half-believe in the motion that two people can, if they try hard enough, become as one. It's a lovely idea, with a particular attraction to the poetic Piscean personality. But it is not necessarily quite so simple in reality.
Very often the most successful partnerships are those in which both participants have wide-ranging and very seperate interests and commitments outside of the relationship. To work successfully as a couple, they do not have to agree on every issue or area of interest. Indeed, they do not even have to tell eachother every last detail of what they have been up to in their time apart. They do hav eot be honest, and they do have to have a bond of trust, but they also have to have enough commitment to and faith in one another not to feel obliged to weave a web of pretense They do not have to (and should not try) pretend to be fascinated in each other's hobbies or even jobs. Nor should they feel their relationship is only valid or worthwhile if they never argue, disagree, or differ.
Almost certainly you already know all this, in which case you are presumably well on the way to making your love last foreve.r But it it's lately begun to look as if this is not something that can or will ever happen, maybe it's time to look again at ways to separate, in your mind, the theoretical ideal from the pragmatic reality.

A Sideways Look At Your Sign
Pisceans are not just good fun to be with, it's never long before their amusing idisyncraises bubble to the surface. They're deeply sensitive and make loyal companions. Pisces is the twelth sign of the zodiac, lying opposite Virgo in the celestial circle.
Pisces is a "water" sign, like Cancer and Scorpio. People born under the water signs tend to rely on their emotions rather than their intellects. They can be very brainy or academic, but deep down inside, they trust their feelings more than they trust their thoughts. Pices is also a "mutable" sign, like Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo. People born under the water signs tend to be easygoing, flexible, and adatable; they can also be a lacadaisical or prone to changing horses in midstream. The "mutable water" sign Pisces produces to changing people who are exceedingly sensitive and open to new ideas, and also people who could benefit from more discipline in their lives.
Pisces is symbolized by a pair of fish swimming away from each other. The idea is that one fish represents the world of material things and the other fish the world of the inner spirit. Pisceans supposedly don't belong to either world, but have one foot(or fish) in each camp. But there's something else in the symbol, water, which represents life itself. Pisceans are born not to struggle with themselves but to helpothers. Their message is that we must all learn to appreciate both worlds in order to be truly happy.
Pisceans don;t just have strong instincts; they have accurate, long-range radar systems. Because they can rely on their sixth sense to guide them through life, they often act as if they don't know where they're going or what they're doing. Somehow, though, they always end upin the right place at just the right time. In fact, the endearing innocence which Pisceans project is a smoke screen, which is another reason why people born under this sign are very successful. They disarm would-be adversaries by appearing to be lucky bumblers.
Because Pisceans are sensitive, sympathetic, and sweet-natured, they can sometimes be gulliable. They are prone to pangs of guilt and are suckers for a sob story. A Piscean will always let you cry on their shoulder and will soak up your sorrow like a sponge. Then they'll walk around, carriny your burden and trying to solve your problems as well as their own. While this is a drawback being a Piscean, it's also a part of a big advantage. The natural sixth sense protects them from harm, even when they make themselves dangerously responsible for the wrong people. It ensure that, even when they set out to help others, they end up coincidentally helping themselves.
PIsceans fear agression, conflict, anger, confrontation, critisicim, rejection, boredom, limitation, authority, competition, the commonplace and being taken advantage of. They like to help other people, be throught of as wise, tell long stories, experiement with new ideas, wear fancy dress, be near the ocean, play at fortune-telling, be myseterious and get carried away.
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Pisces February 20th to March 20th.
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